Since 2008 we have been helping brands, companies, teams and leaders become more persuasive and increase their effectiveness through what they say and how they act. We combine the prinicples of persuasion with Duncan’s unique effective influence model together with extensive research on the behavioural psychology of influence and persuasion to refine strategies for companies and indivisulas to give them the edge.


Duncan Stevens

Founder and CEO – Duncan Stevens

Duncan founded the business in 2008 with one goal in mind – to help brands, companies, teams and leaders become more persuasive and increase their effectiveness through what they say and how they act. He spends the majority of his time keynote speaking and still is very much involved with the business shaping its direction.

Gemma Parkinson

Managing Director – Gemma Parkinson

Gemma joined Duncan as an administrator in 2009 with a background in events and degree in psychology. She has been a fundamental force behind the success of the Influence Association. If you are a business or company, you have no doubt chatted to Gemma and she spends most of her time providing our clients the support they need to help them to grow.

Digitial Strategist and Guru – Tim Draycott

Tim is the main creative brains behind implementing digital strategies for our clients. He works alongside Jason to deliver some incredible marketing solutions and he the guy who contsantly amazes us with his imagination and ability to make things work that we don’t even think is possible!

Jason Burt

Head of Marketing – Jason Burt

Alongside Tim, Jason heads up the creative arm to the Influence Association. Having working in behavioural sciences, Jason is a brilliant additional to our team. He has been with us since the early days and and his creative input is invaluable. He’s such a quirky soul, all of our clients love working with him and sure you will too!

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lancaster – Account Manager and Client Liasion

Delivering our clients projects on time to an unbelievabley high quality is what Lizzie makses sure happens! The finest interpersonal skills in the business. We can forgive her excessive coffee drinking as she makes us all laugh so much. 

Rachel Doyle

Rachel Doyle – Administration, Finance, Contracts and Everything

Every company needs a Rachel Doyle. I don’t know where we would be without her as she is the glue that holds us all together. Amazing skills on and off of a computer! 

Richard Morrison – Videography and SEO

Richard is our videography and SEO guy when clients have the need for these requirements. Rich has been part of our team off and on for the past 9 years and the quality of his work is incredible! He has made some seriously big name brands extremely happy with his work. 


Everyday we are either influencing or being influenced – it’s one of the many transactions we are having with life. It all started with one questions: Why is it that some people are better at influencing or more persuasive than others despite having the same resources and tools. Duncan started out offering consultancy to companies alongside performing shows for companies focussed on influence and persuasion. As a mentalist a lot of Duncan’s skills focus on his ability to influence combined with his expert knowledge of body language. Rather than keep these skills to the performance art he has gone on to help thousands of individuals and teams using similar techniques. 

Since 2008 the company has grown and he and his team have supported businesses all over the world to gain the edge in a negotation, imporve their leadership skills and create more effective teams. The Influence Association has helped companies overcome and navigate challenges, gain more clients and customers, retain more customers, generate more sales leads and ultimately increase their annual revenue.

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