Companies, brands, teams and leaders often find themselves doing things simply because it’s how they’ve always been done or it forms part of their culture. New employees, whether at senior management levels or at base level are trained and coached in those same values and practices. 

However, business practices evolve.

The world evolves and your industry does too. Having an insight into what is failing, or could be improved upon in your organisation is a fantastic way to move your business forward. Combine this with decade or more experience from Duncan Stevens and his team of behavioural psychologists in the field of influence, persuasion and effectiveness and your have a potent force to move your business forward. A similar practice is used in the Channel 4 hit TV show: ‘Undercover Boss’ but we look at all areas of your company through a completely unbiased lens, and also means that your CEO does not have to don a fake beard or prosthetics.


Peter Sparrow
Peter Sparrow

What an incredible concept and experience. Duncan and his Influence Association Team delivered above and beyond my expectations. We had been experiencing low morale and high staff turnover for a few years and couldn't understand the reason. The insights shared were amazing and turnover has been reduced and the issues identified addressed and as a result productivity, sales and the level of service has all risen noticeably within just a few months!

    Denise Walton
    Denise Walton

    We embraced this incredible concept wholeheartedly and found that some of the issues in our business would not have been identified had it not been for the work conducted by the Influence Association. Their reporting, insights and communication was impecciable and we would not hesitate to recommend them to other businesses who are wanting to really move their business forward with this innovative approach to effectiveness.

      Paul Malone

      We had been really struggling with low customer service scores and several missed deadline despite rigourous processes in place. Despite our own investigations into the root cause of these shortfalls, it wasn't until we engaged the services of Duncan and his team that we uncovered some aspects of our workflow and team that would never have been discovered. They were wholly professional from the outset and their follow up meeting have been equally invaluable to the success of our business in Q2.

        HOW WE CAN HELP:

        If you are really wanting to fine tune your business or team effectiveness, or find out what is hindering effieciency and effectiveness of certain parts of your business the the Influence Association can provide the insight and analysis with their innovative approach.

        It all starts with a conversation.

        We spend time to understand you business culture and needs. We look at where you are now and where you want to be and what you need to achieve to help you get there. We explore how we can enter your company undercover to lift the lid on what is working and what is not working and any other insights you would like. 

        We meet your team

        As an undercover employee, we could be placed in your leadership teams, sales teams or in other aspects of your business meeting your team and understanding the processes. We can look at everything objectively and make notes as we go. We often enter businesses as employees / leaders transferred from other parts of the business or as leaders / employees being given an overview of all areas of the business before they focus on their ‘supposed’ specific area. 

        We learn from your team and leaders

        We speak with all members of your team in all areas of your business regardless of level to find what is working for them and their colleagues and what isn’t. Most importantly we learn their thoughts on how things can be improved and what motivates and inspires them. We learn about thier particular positions and whether they are keen for promotion, are struggling, need more support or other factors that may be affecting their performance.

        We provide you with a needs analysis and action plan

        Following our undercover time (which could be just the day or a full week which is more comprehensive time) we provide you with a full report together with a needs analyis and action plan. This would be accompanied with a meeting with you and your team to evelauate our insights and include our knowledge of influence and effectiveness to tailor your action plan to your needs, people and business.

        We support you after we have gone and through the implementation period

        Once we have shared our insights and helped you devise a strtegy for implementing any changes, we offer an ongoing consultancy where needed to give you the support and additional insights as needed. Some clients retain our services for the full 12 months where we revisit your business or team with another member of our team to see how the morale, effectiveness, and culture has changed.

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