Influence speaker, Duncan Stevens is a Master Influencer and the Founder and Director of the Influence Association. He is author of the best-selling book Effective Influence, runs a number of successful businesses and when he’s not spending time with his family he devotes his life to sharing his knowledge about influence and persuasion with others.

He consults for some of the world’s most recognisable brands to advise them on how to leverage extra influence to attract more customers and convert them into more sales and nurture current client relationships into generating more sales.

When he is not consulting or travelling the world performing his influence and persuasion theatre shows, he spends the largest part of his time keynote speaking on influence, persuasion and effectiveness.

Duncan’s Effective Influence Model is becoming the Gold Industry Standard for attracting new customers or clients and converting them into sales or relationships and at the same time nurturing existing relationships. This model, when combined with some extremely powerful principles of persuasion will ensure you are performing much more efficiently.

It is this model and the persuasion techniques and tools that Duncan shares in his keynote speeches around the world.
The tools, techniques and model not only help’s sales people in the sales arena, but also:

The tools, techniques and model not only help sales professionals influence prospective customers, but:

When you hire Duncan as an influence speaker, by the end of his keynote presentation audience will learn too:

You can watch Duncan’s influence speaker showreel here:

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