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If you have navigated your way to this page, there’s a chance you have enrolled on our FREE 4 week personal effectiveness programme.

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This programme has been designed to give you the tools to increase your influence and effectiveness which, if applied will lead to a more abundant life. The programme gives you practical easy to apply small changes which result in big changes in your life.

Whilst this will certainly give you the tools, it is a one size fit’s all programme. Thousands of people take advantage of this course and we’ve had a fantastic feedback about it and all report better levels of health, richer relationships and increased wealth.

We also offer more tailored, bespoke business and life mentoring service. 

Our mentorship service is different. Whilst our effectiveness programme is designed for just 4 weeks  – our mentorship service puts you at the centre, and is a much longer-term process based on mutual trust and respect where we help you grow, learn and succeed in life using our unique framework created out of our own learned from their experiences, successes and challenges.

Testimonials from clients for have used our individual mentoring services

Janine Fisher

I’d always struggled with some health issues, but came across The Influence Association’s 4 week personal effectiveness programme and experienced a major improvement in the quality of my health. I decided to go all out and hire Duncan. It is a really lovely guy and helped me even more!

Stephanie Walker

I watched the free 4 week effectiveness programme and got so much benefit out of it I wanted to get some more one on one mentoring. All I can say is WOW! I had already noticed how much happier I was after completing the programme but one on one sessions have been even more profound.

Chris Hill

I had been struggling to keep on top of my credit cards and mortgage repayments. I took the 4 week course and the content was so great that I wondered what else they could share. Duncan and his team have made a real difference to my life and I am beginning to relax so much more now.

What part of your life can we help with?

We can assist you in all areas of life transformation specifically:

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There is only capacity for for mentorship of up 50 clients per year to work with Duncan Stevens and The Influence Association life mentor team due to the highly focussed, customised service we offer.

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